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Deborah Westergaard, MD

Joint Conditions

Knee arthritis, meniscus tears, ACL tears, other injuries

Hip arthritis or labral tear

Shoulder rotator cuff tear or arthritis

Ankle arthritis, ligament sprain or tear

Plantar fasciitis

Tennis or golfer’s elbow

Texting thumb or thumb arthritis, Carpal tunnel

Back pain

Spine Conditions 

Back or neck pain due to herniated or degenerated discs

Facet joint pain

 Treating Your

Harnessing advanced technology and medical innovation, we diagnose and treat severe pain, placing a keen emphasis on promoting your body's intrinsic healing processes. Our personalized treatments including PRP and Bone Marrow Aspirate treatments, are a testament to this commitment 

Pain Generator Mapping

We understand that each person’s pain is unique, so we take the time to get to know our patients and listen to their needs. Together, we’ll determine the source or sources of your pain so we can try to come up with an ultimate solution.

Deborah  Westergaard, M.D

Dr. Deborah Westergaard, a distinguished board-certified Pain Medicine specialist, offers a legacy of nearly three decades in pain management. Educated at LSU School of Medicine and further refined at the prestigious U.T. Southwestern University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, ("Parkland Hospital") Dr. Westergaard completed her Pain Management fellowship under the tutelage of industry luminaries Drs. Gabor Racz, Prithvi Raj, and Miles Day at Texas Tech University.

Seek the pinnacle of expertise and care; opt for unparalleled experience.

Deborah Westergaard, MD
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Our experienced and compassionate staff  is here to guide, support, and stand with you. They invest their time in truly understanding your journey, ensuring a tailored approach that targets the root of your discomfort.

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               Deborah Westergaard, MD

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